Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp With Chunks

Our beautiful, well crafted and elegant salt unique bowl is not only original and beautiful, they are also beneficial to your health. Each one of a kind salt bowl is hand chiseled to preserve its primordial energy from a solid block of crystal salt, hand excavated from millions year old pristine sea beds at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

Salt lamps are coveted for the rich mineral content that gives them their unique glow.

We are picky about picking only the finest, working with artisans dedicated to sustainability and fair trade and to creating beautiful, safe lamps that last a lifetime. Customers from around the world therapists, feng shui and healing practitioners, doctors and more rely on us for exceptional quality: the finest raw material, beautiful showcase bases.

The bowl is shaped out of pure, Himalayan Salt, which is attached to a beautiful hardwood base. Inside the bowl there are about 10-15 Himalayan Salt Rock chunks that sit on top of a protected 15 watt bulb. Each PME Bowl comes with a Free UL Tested dimmer cord and 15 watt bulb.

All our products are 100% natural and handcrafted, so there is a possibility of difference regarding the shape and size in range +- 10%.

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