Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp

The Pyramid symbolizes primal energy, ascending enlightenment, and stability. Allow this energy to come from all Four Corners of the World through this salt lamp sculpture!

Very striking and attractive shape. Reminiscent of ancient Egypt. Clean your air with an icon of the ancient world. It is a great addition to other shapes for those that place the lamps throughout the home or even collect them.

Many books have been written on “Pyramid Energy”— the way a pyramid seems to focus and concentrate magnetic and gravitational fields, much as a lens concentrates light. Our Pyramid lamps synergetically blend these properties with the health benefits of pure, ancient Himalayan Salt crystals. They also look awesome: elegant, exotic and at home in even the most modern décor.

Each Pyramid Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp is hand chiseled into a perfect geometric pyramid to harness its natural properties and primordial energy while maximizing therapeutic benefits.

All our products are 100% natural and handcrafted, so there is a possibility of difference regarding the shape and size in range +- 10%.

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