Fig & Chia seed


A truly natural Pamneli body scrubs will open the pores and remove the top layer of old, dead cells from the surface of your skin, making it smooth, clean and rejuvenated. Made of 100% pure fine grinded Himalayan Salt, they will provide gentle but highly effective exfoliation due to a content of over 84 minerals & trace elements. The presence of sea salt enables better toning, removal of toxins, muscle relaxation, mineral compensation and better circulation. Addition of natural ingredients and oils (coconut and almond oil, shea butter) increase the nutritional and protective value of the product even further. They will nourish and moisturize your skin leaving it silky and glowing!
Especially recommended after a long winter or by the end of summer when the body & skin need to be detoxified, dead dry cells need to be sand away so the new and fresh one can be revealed.


The finished product smells good enough to eat and leaves your skin with a hint of the beautiful aroma you chose:

Orange & Zeolite – fresh eucalyptus and citrus blend for good mood! Reduce a tension, revive the senses and uplift the body, while the zeolite will absorb all impurities and detoxify your skin.

Raspberry Vanilla & 4seeds – a fantastic sweet and fruity composition enriched with small and mighty seeds – an excellent source of OMEGA 3, minerals and vitamin E. Ideal for summer season!

Fig & Chia seed – delightful sweet and warm soothing blend with tiny black chia seeds. Perfect moisturizer, filled with nutrients – unique in many ways!

Directions for use: Stir the content well and apply a small amount of scrub over clean and wet skin (in the bath or shower). Massage the whole body & skin surface (avoid face) with gentle circles in direction to the heart for 5 min. to allow penetration of the enhancing ingredients. Pay extra attention to dry, rough patches. After massage leave the scrub on the skin for additional 3-5 min. for better effect. Rinse thoroughly and follow with PAMNELI Body Milk. Do not use on broken or freshly shaven skin.

NOTE: Be careful in the tub, because the oil will make your bathtub slippery.

USAGE: Use 2-3 times a week, give your skin at least two days between each exfoliation.

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