Himalayan Salt Bricks

A Himalayan salt wall can make our home even more special through its beauty, elegance and healthcare benefits.

Himalayan salt rooms are always designed and created in line with our customers individual needs. Our Himalayan salt bedroom is an extremely elegant and detailed interior design masterpiece with great healthcare benefits. We build it in harmony with the room style and layout and bear in mind optimized space utilization aspects as well.

Use these beautiful crystal salt bricks to create spectacular architectural features in your living and work space. Some of our customers have used Himalayan Salt to build a luminescent altar or, as flooring in Himalayan Salt caves! Upscale restaurants have built unique appealing bars and backdrops, while butchers are beginning to utilize salt bricks for lining meat aging cellars.

The Himalayan salt wall perfectly suits the layout, furniture, paints and colors of the room. The ultimate goal is to create the perfect atmosphere of cave climate through the design of the particular Himalayan salt room.

Certainly, we only use first class salt bricks carefully selected before they are worked on. The wall is built with a special joint material and given a stylish touch with the background illumination.

The natural Himalayan salt wall with illuminated background provides beneficial ion emission and relaxing/stress relieving color therapy effects completed with the energetic balancing effects of minerals. They deliver healthcare benefits for the entire family in their home.

They are also used in public institutions to strengthen people’s immune system. It promotes the healthy development of children. It helps preventing diseases caused by environmental impacts and daily stress.

Himalayan Salt Walls can be designed any way you like with literally endless possibilities for unique decorative structures in the home. You can create entire walls of Himalayan Salt to maximize the salt’s air cleansing abilities. These structures can include lighted bars for entertaining, or fabulous partition walls! You can even use the blocks to build your own salt cave, or add a Himalayan Salt Wall to your Sauna.

Lighted walls made of Himalayan Salt Blocks or bricks create beautiful displays of emotionally uplifting light with air cleansing abilities for use in every room of the home including saunas, game rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms!

All our products are 100% natural and handcrafted, so there is a possibility of difference regarding the shape and size in range +- 10%.

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