Himalayan Salt Therapeutic Pillows

These are organic cotton bags filled with Himalayan salt for applying to body areas. Their uses are endless in the treatment of muscle aches and pains and are an easy natural way to experience soothing therapy treatment.
The therapeutic crystal salts last indefinitely and penetrates deep in the muscles and joints, providing extreme relaxation and relief.
Himalayan Salt Pillows can be frozen to use for inflammation relief or heated on the sun for use as a heat pillow for muscle relief. Pillows only need a couple of minutes to heat. Himalayan Salt in the pillow will keep its heat for longer than most packs,i.e. longer treatments.
Himalayan salt pillows can also be used to sleep on. Just lay it on your normal pillow and breathing the salt while you sleep will help clear sinuses. These amazing Himalayan salt pillows will give you a good night sleep.
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