Go Nutri Sport Bar Vanilla Orange And Dark Chocolate Coating 8×60 g

NEW pure energy for an active sports people. Experience the taste of the energy with Vitalia Sport bar with orange flavor and dark chocolate coating.

Excellent high protein bar with 32% protein (19.2 grams of protein per a 60g-bar). It is a balanced formula of high percentage of whey protein and naturally occurring proteins in quinoa seed.

Go Nutri Sport bars are an excellent balance of nutrients designed specifically for physically active people. As a source of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, they meet the need for immediate release of energy and building muscle mass.

Ingredients: dark chocolate  (cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sweeteners: isomalt & steviol glycosides, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavoring) oligofructose syrup, barley malt extract, protein soy extruded 30%, soy flakes, vegetable oil (palm & canola oil), orange peel paste, soy protein, organic quinoa seed, flavor, salt.

These bars contain a low level of sodium and are sweetened with steviol glycosides and barley malt. Also contain quinoa seeds, super food which is natural source of protein and essential amino acids.

Vitalia Sport bars with orange taste and dark chocolate help improve body physical performance by increasing strength and muscle mass and recharge body energy wasted during physical activities as well as relieve any muscle pain caused by intense training.

Vitalia Sport bars have a dual function. They are consumed an hour before the training for gaining strength and power and after the training for recovering strength and energy.

Not recommended for persons under the age of 16, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Allergen information: Contains gluten and soy. May contains traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame and milk


  • Recovery body strength;
  • Maintain and build muscle;
  • Replace the spent storage packs of glycogen in the muscle tissue and in the liver.
  • Preventing the body from tapping into muscle for energy;
  • High in protein
  • GMO free
  • Contains organic superfood quinoa seed

Energy value

Average nutrition data 100g portion
Energy Value 1778.3kJ/423.2kcal
Fat 15.6g
Of which saturated 6.9g
Carbohydrates 34.8g
Of which sugars 9.7g
Fibers 7.8g
Proteins 32g
Salt 0.2g
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